Frequently Asked Questions
What are we and what do we have to offer you?

We are not a regular paid to click service, we are a free traffic exchange service. So that being said, you cannot earn real money at our website, but you can earn lots of free advertising, and if you choose to advertise in the bonus ads section, you can earn real money using a link shortener service as target url.

What are point ads?

These are ads which you can only earn advertising points with. Everyone, free and premium members will earn 5 points per ad view.

How can i earn free advertising?

You can earn free advertising by doing the following:

  • Viewing point ads daily and earn 5 points per viewed ad
  • Surfing in our traffic exchange system
  • Playing our turbo grid game
  • Offerwalls (coming soon)

You can convert those points anytime to your purchase balance to buy advertising.

Converting rates are : 

  • 2000 points = $1.00 as free member
  • 1000 points = $1.00 as premium member

The amounts of points you will receive at your account by surfing in our traffic exchange are:

  • As free member: 1 point per ad view (10 sec per ad view)
  • As premium member: 2 points per ad view (5 sec per ad view)

The amounts of points you will receive at your account by viewing ads in our turbo grid are:

  • As free member: 0.5 points per ad viewed (max. 25 clicks per day)
  • As premium member: 1.25 points per ad viewed (max. 100 clicks per day)

Please check our upgrade page if you want to know how many points you can earn with all the stuff you can do at our website to buy advertising.

Can I rent referrals?

No, you cannot rent them.

But you can buy direct referrals from the moment they are available to buy. You can only have direct referrals at your account.

Are my purchased direct referrals for always?

Yes, if you purchase direct referrals, you will have them for always at your account, unless you delete them yourself. Purchased direct referrals will not expire and you don't have to pay again to keep them. You pay only once to purchase them and you have them for always at your account.

How much points do i earn from my direct referrals?

Please check our upgrade page. It contains all the info you need.

Which payment gateway can i use to purchase things at your website?

At this very moment, we use only paypal.

Very important: You need to have a verified account at paypal to make purchases at our website.

The minimum deposit amount is $2.00

The reason we only use paypal for now is because it is the most reliable and trusted payment gateway in the world.

We don't trust perfectmoney, payeer and solidtrustpay yet to implement them at our website.

Which websites are forbidden to advertise to?

It is forbidden to advertise to the following type of websites:

  • warez websites
  • porn websites
  • websites that are containing illegal downloads of copyrighted materials
  • websites that are containing any form of racism or war language

Be aware, any violation will result in account termination!!!

Other questions?

If you have another question that you cannot find in our FAQ, please do not hecitate to contact us using support system.

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